Brian Gordon

Homework projects

Below are school projects which were submitted for credit. Not every computer science course I've taken is listed here.

CMSC132 - Object-Oriented Programming II

CMSC216 - Introduction to Computer Systems

CMSC330 - Organization of Programming Languages

CMSC420 - Data Structures

CMSC421 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CMSC433 - Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms

ENGL393 - Technical Writing

This "user's manual" for the open-source project Midori is written in reStructuredText and rendered by Docutils. The documentation is incomplete as it proved much too long for an appropriate project submission.


All of the images and other files associated with this manual can be checked out from the docs-donation branch of Midori's Bazaar repository.

Other relevant courses

  • CMSC250 - Discrete Structures
  • CMSC351 - Introduction to Algorithms
  • CMSC417 - Computer Networks (Fall 2012)
  • CMSC451 - Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
  • CMSC460 - Computational Methods
  • CMSC475 - Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • MATH401 - Applications of Linear Algebra
  • MATH402 - Algebraic Structures
  • MATH406 - Introduction to Number Theory
  • MATH445 - Elementary Mathematical Logic (Fall 2012)